Family Time

It’s what summer is all about, swimming, eating ice cream, laughing until you can’t breath and lounging around with family.  Which is exactly what I had a chance to do this past Labor Day weekend.  My sweet quirky Auntie had a birthday this week and we (all 18 of us) decided to surprise her with a family reunion out on a secluded lake house.  The lake which turned out to be more of a pond was the perfect birding territory for Aunt Geri’s bird watching.  The house which turned out bigger than I’d expected was able to squeeze all 18 of us + three birds + two dogs.  The pool with its sidekick hot tub was sort of our favorite activity besides a late night game of Cranium (or was that my favorite activity).  And the family time I had been longing sure did fill up my heart.

I would take moments and step back to look around at everyone and notice every single one of us was either in a deep conversation, snuggling and giggling in a corner, or doing a simple chore that cared for each other so deeply.  It felt so good to do the simple tasks of paper mache a pinata or baking scones with some chatter in the near by room and a deep discussions at the kitchen table.

So here, I will go on, flopping around and missing them all so deeply.  Missing the water gun fight that someone had to break up. Missing the ping pong ball bounce between the boys so effortlessly.  Missing everyone yell for Ruby, my mom’s lab-pit mix, who can no longer hear.  Missing the kids play monster all through the house.

Good work family, good work. annnnnd here are a very few photos to prove it.

IMG 3243


IMG 3228IMG 3256

IMG 3261

IMG 3268Geri s Birthday Weekend 062

IMG 3303

IMG 3307Geri s Birthday Weekend 086

IMG 3324

IMG 3326  1

IMG 3350IMG 3354IMG 3363Geri s Birthday Weekend 161IMG 3371DSC 0922DSC 0003IMG 3402Geri s Birthday Weekend 274Geri s Birthday Weekend 268Geri s Birthday Weekend 296

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