A fawn filled Halloween

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Halloween seemed to have come and gone by so quickly this year.  We I decided t do the deer vs. hunter combo.  The couple costume has been a new deal for us.  In 2011 we were Gnomes!  THAT was a hit I tell you.   Much more of a hit in the Champagne department than I anticipated.  It probably helped that it was our first Halloween to tramps around the mission together being all gnome like and poking around.  We had the unfortunate luck of Gnomeo and Juliet recently being in theaters, so we were of course  dubbed those the gnome versions of Romeo and Juliet.  Looking back we probably didn’t play that up enough.. you know “oh Gnomeo oh Gnomeo…”.

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Halloween 20110


Apparently we were pretty kissy that halloween.

Last year I made it easy on us by dressing up as burglars.  This was probably the most simple costume I’ve ever made or worn.  This too was more fun that I thought it would be.  It was fun running around pretending we were sneaky.  Probably because I’m the worst at sneaky.

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This year I decided to step up the game and doe a little face makeup.  I usually steer clear from any extra face makeup since my skills are still at a 7th grade level.  I searched far and wide over Pinterest and finally broke down and tried the deer makeup.  Surprisingly it was way easier than I thought.  Plus just a small amount of make up made a huge difference which luckily compensated for my lack of deer attire.  Deer vs. hunter was pretty fawn, but somehow the halloween energy didn’t quite get us going this year.  We were excited though and grabbed a few drinks at the Orbs, but otherwise I’d say this halloween goes down into the mellow bucket.

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PS can I make it a rule that we hand make or put together all costumes from here on out?  I’ve been pretty impressed with our hot glue gun skills.

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