Birthday & Wedding love

Balloons have become a staple around my printing.  I finally whittled a large round balloon stamp that gave off so much color I almost squealed. I added an embossed gold lettering on top to seal the deal.  Things are really taking shape around here.

IMG 4297

IMG 4302


IMG 4300 2

Plus a new Whaley with a pink hat.

Afterwards I got around to some calligraphy on a wedding card for some dear friends.  Boy! Names are hard guys.  Especially letters I don’t always practice.  I mean, I have ‘Happy Birthday’ down pretty well.  So I practiced about a gabillion times and finally got the nerve up to put it on the card stock.  I wasn’t 100% happy but it was decent enough to send off to the happy couple.

IMG 4303

This gold sprig at the bottom needs to be noted.  This gold sprig is MUCH harder than it looks.  The geometry class I hated in school was lurking at me as I tried getting my angles juuust right.  I was wishing I’d kept that protractor after all. In the end, I was happy that the final gold sprig turned out a little better than my practiced versions.

IMG 4308 2

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