Gold Feathers

I can’t help it.  I’m just drawn to it.  I had to add more gold to the collection of paper goods I fiddle over.  I’ve got the gold markers, pens, glitter, ink and by golly its all my little gold filled heart has ever needed.  I should be a pen tester and rate them on their reflection and density.  Let’s save that for a another time though. Now, if I could only get each gold glittery utensil to just match each other I would have the home run of all home runs.  But thats not how it works.  There are just too many shades of this glorious color.  And for now I will just have to keep my golds on separate sides of their so very close quarters.

This particular gold goodie came about for the need of a thank you card and a little bit for the love of feathers and a little bit from the love of gold feathers.  First off, I find thank you cards really daunting.  They need more constraints I tell you!  What do you mean I can put anything on that little bugger!?  I usually get carried away with excitement and try to put all the elements atop the cover with the theory that, the more I put on top of that card the more thankfulness will show through.  Unfortunately this is hardly ever the case.  So with a time constraint and the words “less is more!”  running through my head .. gold feathers were born.  I’ll find those constraints wherever they are hiding.

IMG 4418

IMG 4425

IMG 4433


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