More Jumbo Balloons

We are flowing strong over here on the big balloon front.  Right when I thought I’d hit my max on balloon prints.  Except, I’m sorta liking the directions these balloons are floating. Something about the jumbo round balloon throws off the whole thing and makes it feel new again.  Some tweaks will be made but overall I’m pretty  keen on it.

These two goodies were for my aunt and a cousin.  I was actually able to celebrate with them and scarf down some homemade apple pie and play with two squirrelly little boys. A happy sunday it was.

Here are the workings of a post costco creative spurt.

DSC 0002

DSC 0003

DSC 0006

I know I know this one was a redo.. but I’m thinking the more is less applies here too. So that makes it relevant.  Given that its the same weekend and everything.

DSC 0004

DSC 0005

DSC 0009

don’t pay attention to the messy hair.. post costco ok ..

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