Glittery Gold Gift Tags

The other night I was devouring my pinterest feed with all of its holiday glory when I got the bright idea to make some of my own glittery sparkly gold gift tags.  And why not put them up on the shop I said!! They turned out to be harder than I thought AND easier if that’s possible? After measuring and remeasuring I got them to just the right size and just the right amount of gold glitter (which p.s. is never too much).   I made a few gold dipped tags and then went off and made a few gold evergreen sprigs to keep it in the season and all.

I used a thick card stock, hole punch and gold embossing powder.  I’ll try and remember to do a how-to edition on the next round.

I’m looking forward to my little pile of presents with these babies on them.Gift tags 008

Gift tags 003

Gift tags 010

Gift tags 020

Gift tags 019

Gift tags 025

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