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How to do Smores the right way

Catching up over here and reporting on my trip back home from last month.  K and I went back to Southern California to celebrate Christmas since I didn’t get to see my brother and sister over the holidays.  We stayed at my brothers house in the daisy bed and loved it.  It allowed me to sneak into my nieces’ bedrooms in the morning and watch them read books and catch up on the haps.  Apparently Minecraft is a thing and there are creepers and zombies and spiders.  So thats cool.  Anyways, I took far too few pictures, but thoroughly enjoyed our time.  We had a bon fire at the beach, a few jam sessions, had amazing pasta salad and made devilish smores.  My friend Cassandra brought Andies mints and Reeces pieces to use as the chocolate portion of the smores debut.  HOLY MOLY they were as good as you can imagine.  Here is the Recipe

Graham Cracks (2 squares) obvs

Chocolate ( Reeces or Andies Mints.. I prefer the mint bc what really is better than mint chocolate? NOTHING)

Two Marshmallows.  Ok this is important people!  TWO marshmallows.  The consistency is NOT right unless you have two.

Place your graham cracker on the edge of the fire pit.  I know kinda gross, but just don’t think about it.  You are at a bon fire and have more germs on you that you even know.  Put your chocolate choice on the graham cracker and let the fire melt your chocolate a bit.  Then add two marshmallows to your stick and sloooowwwllllyyy roast your marshmallows.  When I say slow I mean sloooooow.  Then when they are nice and droopy, to the point you think you are about to lose your marbles over waiting 5 minutes to roast a marshmallow only to let it fall in the fire, set that mo fo on fire and then blow it out, slam it down, smack the other graham cracker on top, smoosh it around and BAM best damn smore you have EVER had.    I have pictures to prove this creation, but they are stuck on Kelan’s camera.. and we all know if we wait for his camera then we will not have a blog post for a while.. so lets just pretend k?

IMG 5460

IMG 5462

This lady wouldn’t let me take any real photos of her.


IMG 5471

How gorgeous is Cassandra

IMG 5436

The ladies love Bowie

IMG 5486

How cute are these two!?

IMG 5481

IMG 5479

IMG 5488

IMG 5497 

Not the best pic, but I can’t post the amazing video with the music he was playing.. now THAT would be nice.

IMG 5501


IMG 5503


The other side notes we did was:

– Try absinthe, it wasn’t the hardcore real stuff I know, but it was delish and I’d have it again

– Had Monica’s homemade chili.. its really worth noting thats how good it is.

– Had a fabulous dinner at the beach

– Watched Blue Jasmine

– Had breakfast with Cassandra at a cute little cafe

– Celebrated Christmas 🙂

– Drank mimosas out of pretty glasses

– Walked to the bear park and immediately walk back to pack.

Overall a great visit, but always too short.  I will plan another trip home soon.. before May I hope.




Kiko. is. amazing.

Tonight I bring to you a double hitter.  Making up for some lost time over here.

My friend Kiko came into town a couple weeks ago and lets just say it now before its too late, Kiko is the best.  There has yet to be a person that does not like Kiko or thinks Kiko is less than amazing.  I swear, people just love this guy.. how can you blame them, he is so fun!  Anyways, he came into town on a weekend when we thought we were moving into the new apartment and thought we had to pack the whole house and thought time was running out.  Pretty much we have been thinking we were moving into the new apartment for a whole month now.  Each weekend comes and and goes and we don’t life a finger.  It’s sort of an “on call move”.  Meaning, we don’t know if this weekend will be the one, but just incase lets stay in town and not make any real plans k?

Anyways, back to Kiko and all of his glory.  He was so understanding and easy to be around when we were stress buckets and trying to rid of furniture, celebrate Christmas and be the busy bees that we were.  Luckily, most of that busy beeness got out on Saturday so Kiko and I could roam the city.  We went to Castro slide, which has been on my SF bucket list since I don’t know, the beginning of time!  I tried to go a while back but it had rained, and cardboard and rain don’t make good friends.  This slide is HUGE, pictures do not show the sheer terror of this slide.  I know the 4 year old running around the slide don’t help my case much, but the 4 year old and I could not stop saying “this is so crazy!” so I have that going for me.  You seriously feel like your jeans are going to burn right off your bum when going down, which is my reason for the cardboard.  Some say it makes you go faster.  Here is the link to my instagram video, note the kid shown was the friend I made.  I remember when I was a kid I was always making a friend for the day while at the park or the beach.  It sorta brought me back.  My new 4 year old friend would wait for me to go down the slide so we could scream in terror together.  I gave him the good ol high five when I left and shed a small tear that the friendship only lasted an hour.   Cool kid.

We also, drove up to twin peaks and took a few photos of the smoggy city, drank wine in the Castro, and went to dinner at a Puerto Rican place in the Haight.  All and all, a great weekend.

IMG 5351

IMG 5350

IMG 5324

Do you see the size of that latte.  Oh La Boulange. I love you.


IMG 5341

Oh I forgot to mention, another highlight of the weekend was seeing my friend Kate and her husband’s new home in Pacifica.  I really was thinking we’d be fogged in, but as Kate promised she lives in the land of sunshine.  Boy does her deck show it.  I think I told her 16 times that I wanted to take a nap in the sun on her deck.  Next time Kate.


IMG 5349

IMG 5359

Kiko’s fear in this picture is not from the slide, but from that little girl.  She decided to hop right on over Kiko’s slide the second he came swirling down at rapid speed.  If you watch the video, you can hear it in his screams that he thought he was about to kill a little person.  I laugh every time.. not at killing a little person, but at his screams.


IMG 5370

IMG 5384

IMG 5390

IMG 5391


Triangle love

So I’ve been slacking hard. But hey that’s life and then we move on.  I made a couple birthday cards back in January for my 79 year old Grampa and dear friend’s mom.  If you can’t tell yet, I’m really into triangles lately.  When I say really into, I mean obsessively k.  So to let some of this triangleness pour of of me I made a little stencil and stamped that bageezus out of it and there you go.  Side note, I actually made the stencil for a little calendar but seeing as how it is now February and it’s still not completed tells me this might turn into a 2015 calendar.  Hey why not be ahead of the game rather than behind. In all honesty though, this calendar has been in my brain since I needed one for 2013.. so at this rate it might be ready for 2017?  Also, further side note, lets just go ahead and put our judgey pants away in the dresser for a minute.  The photo quality of these are below par, and by below I mean real real bad guys.  However, I documented it before I sealed the envelopes which is a big step.  I usually forget to take a picture until I’m at the PO drop box and I kick myself.  Anyways, here are some bad quality iPhone photos of some cards I did a little bit ago.  Cool story.


Colored Geo Bithday 2 Colored Geo Birthday close

Gold Geo Birthday