How to do Smores the right way

Catching up over here and reporting on my trip back home from last month.  K and I went back to Southern California to celebrate Christmas since I didn’t get to see my brother and sister over the holidays.  We stayed at my brothers house in the daisy bed and loved it.  It allowed me to sneak into my nieces’ bedrooms in the morning and watch them read books and catch up on the haps.  Apparently Minecraft is a thing and there are creepers and zombies and spiders.  So thats cool.  Anyways, I took far too few pictures, but thoroughly enjoyed our time.  We had a bon fire at the beach, a few jam sessions, had amazing pasta salad and made devilish smores.  My friend Cassandra brought Andies mints and Reeces pieces to use as the chocolate portion of the smores debut.  HOLY MOLY they were as good as you can imagine.  Here is the Recipe

Graham Cracks (2 squares) obvs

Chocolate ( Reeces or Andies Mints.. I prefer the mint bc what really is better than mint chocolate? NOTHING)

Two Marshmallows.  Ok this is important people!  TWO marshmallows.  The consistency is NOT right unless you have two.

Place your graham cracker on the edge of the fire pit.  I know kinda gross, but just don’t think about it.  You are at a bon fire and have more germs on you that you even know.  Put your chocolate choice on the graham cracker and let the fire melt your chocolate a bit.  Then add two marshmallows to your stick and sloooowwwllllyyy roast your marshmallows.  When I say slow I mean sloooooow.  Then when they are nice and droopy, to the point you think you are about to lose your marbles over waiting 5 minutes to roast a marshmallow only to let it fall in the fire, set that mo fo on fire and then blow it out, slam it down, smack the other graham cracker on top, smoosh it around and BAM best damn smore you have EVER had.    I have pictures to prove this creation, but they are stuck on Kelan’s camera.. and we all know if we wait for his camera then we will not have a blog post for a while.. so lets just pretend k?

IMG 5460

IMG 5462

This lady wouldn’t let me take any real photos of her.


IMG 5471

How gorgeous is Cassandra

IMG 5436

The ladies love Bowie

IMG 5486

How cute are these two!?

IMG 5481

IMG 5479

IMG 5488

IMG 5497 

Not the best pic, but I can’t post the amazing video with the music he was playing.. now THAT would be nice.

IMG 5501


IMG 5503


The other side notes we did was:

– Try absinthe, it wasn’t the hardcore real stuff I know, but it was delish and I’d have it again

– Had Monica’s homemade chili.. its really worth noting thats how good it is.

– Had a fabulous dinner at the beach

– Watched Blue Jasmine

– Had breakfast with Cassandra at a cute little cafe

– Celebrated Christmas 🙂

– Drank mimosas out of pretty glasses

– Walked to the bear park and immediately walk back to pack.

Overall a great visit, but always too short.  I will plan another trip home soon.. before May I hope.




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