Kiko. is. amazing.

Tonight I bring to you a double hitter.  Making up for some lost time over here.

My friend Kiko came into town a couple weeks ago and lets just say it now before its too late, Kiko is the best.  There has yet to be a person that does not like Kiko or thinks Kiko is less than amazing.  I swear, people just love this guy.. how can you blame them, he is so fun!  Anyways, he came into town on a weekend when we thought we were moving into the new apartment and thought we had to pack the whole house and thought time was running out.  Pretty much we have been thinking we were moving into the new apartment for a whole month now.  Each weekend comes and and goes and we don’t life a finger.  It’s sort of an “on call move”.  Meaning, we don’t know if this weekend will be the one, but just incase lets stay in town and not make any real plans k?

Anyways, back to Kiko and all of his glory.  He was so understanding and easy to be around when we were stress buckets and trying to rid of furniture, celebrate Christmas and be the busy bees that we were.  Luckily, most of that busy beeness got out on Saturday so Kiko and I could roam the city.  We went to Castro slide, which has been on my SF bucket list since I don’t know, the beginning of time!  I tried to go a while back but it had rained, and cardboard and rain don’t make good friends.  This slide is HUGE, pictures do not show the sheer terror of this slide.  I know the 4 year old running around the slide don’t help my case much, but the 4 year old and I could not stop saying “this is so crazy!” so I have that going for me.  You seriously feel like your jeans are going to burn right off your bum when going down, which is my reason for the cardboard.  Some say it makes you go faster.  Here is the link to my instagram video, note the kid shown was the friend I made.  I remember when I was a kid I was always making a friend for the day while at the park or the beach.  It sorta brought me back.  My new 4 year old friend would wait for me to go down the slide so we could scream in terror together.  I gave him the good ol high five when I left and shed a small tear that the friendship only lasted an hour.   Cool kid.

We also, drove up to twin peaks and took a few photos of the smoggy city, drank wine in the Castro, and went to dinner at a Puerto Rican place in the Haight.  All and all, a great weekend.

IMG 5351

IMG 5350

IMG 5324

Do you see the size of that latte.  Oh La Boulange. I love you.


IMG 5341

Oh I forgot to mention, another highlight of the weekend was seeing my friend Kate and her husband’s new home in Pacifica.  I really was thinking we’d be fogged in, but as Kate promised she lives in the land of sunshine.  Boy does her deck show it.  I think I told her 16 times that I wanted to take a nap in the sun on her deck.  Next time Kate.


IMG 5349

IMG 5359

Kiko’s fear in this picture is not from the slide, but from that little girl.  She decided to hop right on over Kiko’s slide the second he came swirling down at rapid speed.  If you watch the video, you can hear it in his screams that he thought he was about to kill a little person.  I laugh every time.. not at killing a little person, but at his screams.


IMG 5370

IMG 5384

IMG 5390

IMG 5391


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  1. love kiko.
    love kelan’s eyes.
    love how you always raise your arms when you come down a slide.

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