Triangle love

So I’ve been slacking hard. But hey that’s life and then we move on.  I made a couple birthday cards back in January for my 79 year old Grampa and dear friend’s mom.  If you can’t tell yet, I’m really into triangles lately.  When I say really into, I mean obsessively k.  So to let some of this triangleness pour of of me I made a little stencil and stamped that bageezus out of it and there you go.  Side note, I actually made the stencil for a little calendar but seeing as how it is now February and it’s still not completed tells me this might turn into a 2015 calendar.  Hey why not be ahead of the game rather than behind. In all honesty though, this calendar has been in my brain since I needed one for 2013.. so at this rate it might be ready for 2017?  Also, further side note, lets just go ahead and put our judgey pants away in the dresser for a minute.  The photo quality of these are below par, and by below I mean real real bad guys.  However, I documented it before I sealed the envelopes which is a big step.  I usually forget to take a picture until I’m at the PO drop box and I kick myself.  Anyways, here are some bad quality iPhone photos of some cards I did a little bit ago.  Cool story.


Colored Geo Bithday 2 Colored Geo Birthday close

Gold Geo Birthday

2 Thoughts on “Triangle love

  1. love these cards! make me some! with just the triangle borders 🙂

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