L A N A   D E L   R E Y

Why don’t I do this more often?  That’s what I think every. single. time. I go to a concert or a live show of some sort.  I think, yes this is where it’s at!  Then a million years go by before I do it again.  Either way, Lana Del Rey was a blast.  Also, teenagers now aways. When did teenagers become so.. teenagery?  I know, that doesn’t make sense.. but the entire time we waited in line (which, thanks to task rabbit was not nearly that long and deserves a post of its own because I find it to be a thoroughly interesting topic) I kept thinking to myself why are these people acting like teenagers!  Oh wait, it’s because they are.  The whole take a million selfies and do everything for an instagram post is very much alive.  So are short shorts in freezing windy weather and flannel jackets tied to your waste.

IMG 6156

IMG 6139

Here is my love bug Amanda

IMG 6173

I just recently discovered Lana Del Rey’s song Once Upon a Dream for the new Disney movie.  OBSESSED.

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