Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day feels similar to Valentines Day.  Both are holidays were I get to gush on the ones I love, swoon over flowers and all the ladies dress in up.  I suppose Mother’s day has the upper hand since its wrapped in peonies and tulips though.  Butttt, because I can’t really burry all the moms in my life in flowers I’ll send them the next best thing.  A card!  This year I tried to incorporate lots of color, keep it simple but add the handmade touch I love so much.  Also, I’ve really been into water colors lately so I wanted to squeeze that texture into the holiday somehow. Usually the water colors don’t work on greetings cards given that they make the paper all wonky.  After all, this is mothers day, the day specifically made for wonky handmade cards, so what they hey!


I might have written “mom” a gabillion times with the watercolors before I gave up and used calligraphy instead.  I think it was the right choice, clean letters, on a smudgy background, but I still need to fill the void of those thick watercolored letters.

DSC 0429

DSC 0430

DSC 0431

DSC 0404

DSC 0414

P.s. when I see this photo of my mom practice I think of that family guy episode where Stewie says “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom” so much it drives you nuts.  Here, just go watch it.


Happy Mom’s Day to you!


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