Austin you funky little thing you

After 6 trips to the airport, more chips and salsa a person should be legally allowed to eat and eating breakfast way past 1pm every day, I think we can say I’ve marked Austin off my bucket list.  I do however, need to go back and see those bats!  Let’s not talk about the bats.  It just upsets me that we missed them and their crazy little faces.  Moving on ok?  So I loved austin, but it was quite confusing.  On one hand it’s Texas where people can be very conservative and biblical.  Yet, on the other hand it’s Austin where people are very liberal and funky.  The mesh of the two left me wondering where I fit in.  I think I fit in on the funky side, near the SOCO district.  Which is where we walked up and down taking pictures and muttering around the stores.  It was exactly what I wanted out of the trip to Austin, a hot stroll along a different town and to see some funky people and places.  We ate at Bouldin Creek Cafe which was a vegan restaurant that also had eggs.  We went there for breakfast at 2pm and were thoroughly stuffed and happy.

A few things I was not expecting:

– How many chips and salsa I would eat.  I swear I consumed about 14,000 chips.  It was probably a really bad idea to eat Chiliquiles and chips and salsa the DAY before, AND chips on the plane TO Austin.  It’s like I was building up my chips and salsa tolerance.

– I hardly heard any live music.  whatsupwiththat?

– 6th Street.. no.  It was worth seeing yes, not worth going back to at midnight on graduation weekend.  They close the street off and let drunk college kids wander around bumping into people.  It was debauchery and I am too old to be stepping in throw up while wearing flip flops at 2am

– Austin is so clean.  After the mess of 6th street each night, it was sparkling clean the next day.  We even saw two works scarping gum off the sidewalk!

-Texans are rule followers, or rule breakers I am not sure.  Either way they love their rules.  I swear, my family and I were yelled at about rules more on this trip than any other place.  We got yelled at for 10 min to finish our drinks, got yelled at for holding onto glasses when the party was winding down, for double parking in the wrong area…  aiy.

IMG 6304

IMG 6324

IMG 6327

IMG 6499


After all the shenanigans we really came to see my niece Kyndra and her husband get married and to reunite with my long lost family.  I was so excited to thoroughly squeeze my family.  When I say squeeze my family I not only mean squeeze my brother and sisters who I have not seen since January, but I also mean squeezing my brother, sister in law and nieces who I have not seen in oh I don’t know 10 year!  Folks 10 years is a looong time and these squeezes and hugs have been building up.  Boy was it good to hug them.  It was like reattaching a part of me that I didn’t even know was missing.  I knew I had missed them, especially after connecting more through instagram and Facebook, but I didn’t realize how much good stuff I was missing all this time.  My brother was just as sweet, and gentle as I remembered, my sister in law was just as sassy and fun as I remembered and my nieces, well they were nothing like I remembered!  They grew up into these beautiful women that were sweet, and loving.   The warmth and welcome they showed us when we came to visit them was something I did not expect.

So as you can imagine we talked and talked and talked until the wee hours of the night.  We were invited to the rehearsal dinner where we saw everyone for the first time in too long.  Kelan, who has never met any of them, recognized Joel in an instant, that’s how much Joel looks like my brother Narayan.  We pointed out other similarities and talked about the last time we saw each other.  We caught up on time that should never have been there in the first place.  One night we went to Joel and Brandy’s house and just hung out in the garage (until 3 in the morning!)  like the girls did in all their instagram photos.  We all kept saying “omg I can’t believe we are here with everyone! I can’t believe Narayan and Angie are talking to Joel!!”  It still hasn’t sunk in.

Kyndra and Trevor’s wedding was one of the best I’ve attended.  Their entire celebration oozed who they were and their love for each other.  The barn, dirt road, gravel, wood chairs, wispy trees, vintage cars, flowing dresses, and eclectic guests all summed up such a beautiful night.


Here are a few iPhone pictures to hold you over until I get the good stuff from Kelan and his fancy cam.

IMG 6337

IMG 6346

IMG 6348

IMG 6350

IMG 6367

IMG 6435

IMG 6405

IMG 6427

IMG 6442

IMG 6445

IMG 6446

IMG 6491

How amazing is this red light, garage hang?  The little videos I got are priceless.

IMG 6495

I want to go back I hope so much sooner than later.  Austin, you were good to us and I thank you for that.

IMG 6293

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  1. omg what a wonderful post! love all the pictures and love your intro to austin 🙂 can’t wait to compare notes after we come back!

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