Lesson learned. Eat it all up then and there.

Today should be Friday but sadly it’s Thursday which makes this week feel like the longest week of my life. Drag on much June 12th? Last night I met Kelan and his work friend at the new greek place on Hayes. I’d been wanting to try it but not really interested in the lines that go along with it. This time it worked out. Here is the trick. Show up at 9:59 (they close at 10) and order as quickly as you can. It’s not hard because they really only have four things served two ways. Ok so that’s eight things I get it. What I discovered as I waited patiently for my salad wrap thingy is their yogurt machine. “Greek frozen yogurt??” Kelan said. Yes yes it was a greek frozen yogurt machine. Practically falling off my chair I asked the greek frozen yogurt lady the details of the masterpiece she was currently making. Get this ‘Baklava with frozen greek yogurt on top’. Are you freaking kidding me! A. Why is this the first I’m hearing of it? B. Why has this not been invented sooner? Maybe it has and I just need to go to Greece to discover their ingenuity? Probably. C. How many can one person have? Well sad story short I saved this scintillating adventure for another time. You know save the good stuff up until you just can’t handle it anymore. It was a hard walk home. I was doubting this decision as soon as I made it. Even after I had forgotten about the whole encounter I jumped into bed and it struck me. Why. Why did I not eat it all up right then right there?

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