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Flower Crowns

Here it is 4th of July again, my 3rd in this great city of SF.  3rd in which we lazed about and kept it pretty low key.  Its a hard one for me to grasp.  On one hand my whole childhood is called and saying, “hullo, the beach is where its at, hot, sandy, salty water and all that watermelon.”  On the other hand, the beaches here are .. meh, foggy or “fogsey” as Kelan said it earlier.  So, we laze about and enjoy the empty city.  You know, take advantage of no line at brunch, no crowd on the street.  Tomorrow we will brunch it up in hopes that the normal hour wait is down to 15 min.   Hot dogs, corn on the cob and a big ol’ pile of green beans are whats on the menu.

Soooo, since I don’t have any pictures of our cub-razy 4th.  I will flood you with our trip to SB a couple weekends ago.  We went, and discovered it was the Solstice festival, which was pretty rad since I’ve never had the chance to go.  Kelan and I left late Sunday, shared the drive as the other lazed and dozed about.  We ate our backyard bowls on the squirrel stairs, wore flower crowns, drank large amounts of beer, laughed our butts off, ate my favorite thai, watched Maleficent and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

IMG 6947

IMG 6959

IMG 6956

IMG 6983

IMG 6988

IMG 6989

DSC 0081

I had confetti in my hair for three days.  I’m pretty sure there was confetti in my hair when I went to work on Monday.

DSC 0131

Doesn’t he look adorbs?

IMG 6997

IMG 7019

On the drive home we found what I call Pelican city, which is my new favorite stop alongside the 101.  It’s pretty much home to a gabillion pelicans.  They fly in and nussle in next to all their little friends.

IMG 7038

IMG 7044