hippie sunday and natural face masks

Feeling rather hippie today.  I’ve rubbed banana peel on my face, then smothered it in honey.  After an hour I washed that off and slipped some coconut oil all over then proceeded to use a netty pot, take a shot of apple cider vinegar and my daily probiotic.  Oh and I made tofu scramble for breakkie.  Get a couple downward dogs in there, order some Birkenstocks and I will have sealed the deal.  All and all I am sorta loving it.  It could be the relaxed Sunday vibes, but I dig this clean feeling. 

I must say I am really starting to swear by this banana peel honey mask thing I have got going on.  I’ve done this about 5 times now and every time I look at my face covered in this clear goop and think, I look hysterical.  Then when I get ready to go out for the day my face is glowing! I get compliments!  ME, the girl with skin problems until I was 25.  The banana apparently helps with blemishes, not sure how, but I do know honey helps reduce puffy redness and heals blemishes.  I use to slather honey on my face, years ago, before my skin cleared up and I was never sure if I saw a difference, maybe I was missing the banana.  Not sure.  All I do is 1) eat a banana, hey its good for you! 2) keep the peel  3) Rub the inside of the peel on any blemishes or all over if you so please 4) then throw that sucker in the compost bin and 5) grab some honey and rub a layer of that over where the banana goop is.  You really can’t see anything on your face except your face is a little shiny.  Note, DO ties your hair back real good because fly aways land on your honey face and its awful.  Also, if you touch your face you will get honey hands and thats, well lets just say sticky.  

My thoughts on the coconut oil: so far it was a nice feeling to put on, smooth like velvet.  I sorta think I put too much on, but I might rub it off before I go out for the day.  It’s my first day so I can’t real say yay or nay just yet.  I’ll keep this post updated. 

Anyways cheers to a happy hippie sunday!  That is enough for one day of rambles. 

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  1. i love this post! Couple of downward dogs and birkenstocks! LOL

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