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It’s a real sad moment to lose a pet but even more sad to lose a friend.  Ruby was our family dog, but most importantly was my Mom’s dog and she went to live on brighter, muddy, hilly pastures this past weekend.  She was such a good pup, you know, one of the best.  All smiles, never really complained, except in the early years when she was addicted to blankets and she just HAD to have the blanket thrown on top of her when she was snuggling in.  She loved empty peanut butter jars, long walks and hikes, a good roll in the mud, and would eat anything and everything, even bird poop.  She hated the beach, in fact don’t even think about bringing her to the beach, that would just be rude.   Anyways, this was a hard one.  One of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced, but I’d do it a thousand times over if I could relieve my mom of just an ounce of pain.  Sweet mama lost her best friend.  Thats a tear jerker in itself.  Ruby, I hope you are running fast, eating all the peanut butter, laying in the hot warm spots, sleeping on all the couches you were never allowed, and thoroughly enjoying every moment.  You sure are missed.

My aunt and I went down to join my sister and be with mom on this hard weekend.  To be her rock when she needed it and to revel in the beautiful life Ruby had the privilege of leading. Even though we were visiting  on the very sad circumstances, it was one of the best weekends.  We all just sat around with the whole family, talking, napping in each others pretense, drinking margaritas and just hanging out with each other.  No to-do list, no expectations, no plans, just being with each other was all we wanted and it was all we needed. It felt real good to be in that glow of people you love.  I miss everyone so much already, but am glad I got to say goodbye to my friend, and be there in those hard times.


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