Let’s just take it slow and enjoy it

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So there we have it, 2014 is finished, completed, book closed and 2015 all shiny and bright just asking to be cracked open and devoured like an unsolved mystery.  There is something special about sitting in the middle of two borders, like when you are in Lake Tahoe and you straddle both California and it’s liberal lifestyle and Nevada and its blinking casino lights and just for that moment you are in two places at once and then you step away and it’s gone.  That’s how the first few days of January always feel.  A little whiplashed because you were not quite finished with the past year and are pretty uneasy about jumping into the next one.  2014 was really hard, but also really really good.  How am I supposed to just stuff the whole year up on the bookshelf to collect dust?  2014 was the year I searched my hardest for the perfect job.  I was beaten down at times that it wasn’t out there.  The search weighed down on everything I did and thought about.  I loved where I had worked, but a change was in order and I couldn’t go forward without it.  Lucky for me, right in the nick of time I scored what I think is the perfect fit.  Yeay! I still get excited about it.  More on that, once I dig my toes in more. 2014 I said goodbye to my best friend Cassie who moved to Guatemala, and then I said hello as I visited her down south.  Again, another post all in itself is in order for that topic.  Just as soon as I turned around and headed home, Keller and I flew across the country to New York, a complete opposite of Guatemala, but oh so good.  You guessed it, a post in and of itself. It sure was a great way to seal the deal on 2014.

Looking forward I don’t have any grandiose ideas for 2015.  I hope to discover a healthier eating habit, not a diet, but maybe a healthy appetite for home cooked goodness.  I’d also like to take more trips.  I know I know, I just got back from not one, but TWO BIG trips in December, but those trips made me realize how good it is to travel.  Looking back at my instagram feed I can see I took a ton of little trips and how good they were.  Lets do more of that shall we?  Also, maybe let the creative juices flow again.  Those are good juices I tell you!

One last thing I hope to remember more in 2015 is something K-dog said when we were walking home from breakfast at TLC on the first of the year.  We were tired from our adventures, walking towards Duboce park to watch the dogs and reluctant to greet the day and he said “I just want to take it sloooowww and enjoy it”.  Yes my deary, YES.  Let’s do just that, in fact let’s do it all year long.  Since then, this thought has been like a warm fuzzy pilly old blanket hugging me, just looking around and enjoying the moments.  Like right now, here we get sit at our most favorite coffee shop, where the barista is examining the bags of beans, and dudes sit cozy on the bench playing on their phones or hovered over their Merc-muffins, staring off into space.  Oh, or the lady who just walked in, she has the rough blonde bed head I’m also currently styling.  Or, the six people squished together at a four person table, huddled outside over their cofffees.  This is the stuff that’s good isn’t it?  The stuff that makes you think, man, how did I get do dang lucky.  Lucky to do nothing.

Let’s do nothing this year!

2014 recap!

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