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It’s a funny thing going on vacation. There are three parts, maybe four.  First, you plan and anticipate which I will argue is the point of anything really. Isn’t half the fun of doing or buying something the search of that thing?  Which is sort of why I purposefully don’t buy certain things because .. the search!  Anyways, when planning a vacation its totally the same thing, you read all the articles, you pick a place to stay and you day dream. THEN you go on said vacation and its glorious but also not so glorious at all?  Which brings us to part two of vacationing: I’ve discovered I have what I’d like to call vacation stress disorder.  Which is basically where I stress the F out because there is not enough time in the day to do all the things. This disorder was real during my last trip to New York with Kelan.  Go on, ask him.  He will tell you that he was a good sport with my irrational grumpiness about not vacationing enough on our vacation.  I know, I realize now, that none of it makes sense. The next part of vacation is the honeymoon where you are glowing from the glory of being free.  THEN there is this part that makes up the rest of life where you forget what vacation ever felt like.  So that’s where I am at.  Dreaming of the next trip when, really, I am so fortunate to have gone on two big ones in very recent history.  So here I will attempt to re-live the New York trip (the stress free parts ok?).

Kelan and I have a couple traditions that I’m pretty proud of.  Early on we both shied away from big stuffy gifts around anniversaries.  Don’t get me wrong, a girl loves flowers (hint hint), but we wanted experiences more.  I don’t think we knew it would turn into a tradition, under maybe year three.  Every year since year one, we go on a trip for our anniversary.  Sometimes small and sometimes big. Sometimes  a month late and sometimes just right on time. Either way, we aim for it.  This year Kelan picked New York.  He had some time off, I needed some time off.  It was meant to be.

We have both been infatuated with New York for a little while now.  Wondering if this great city would be like San Francisco but on steroids. We judge a place based on the question “could you live here” which leads to “which neighborhoods would you live in” which leads to “would you drop it all just to move here?”.  We pretty much played the game the entire trip.  The result: we would totally live here if someone asked us to, but maybe not go out of our way to do so? The city is big, real big, real crowded.  I also found that while there was so much more stuff and things to see and do, there was no specialty in all of it.  There was not one epic thing, but rather all things were pretty darn good.  Food was really good, people were pretty nice, the city was cleaner than expected and the sights were amazing, but was it soul searchingly good?  Not totally?  It’s hard to explain.  Either way, we loved visiting and I for one want to go back in a different season.  In fact, that is one thing I adored.  This  city transforms in different seasons.  So lets go back 3 more times shall we Kelan?

We stayed in Brooklyn which I loved.  It was a good escape from the Manhattan and gave us a better perspective on how people live there. Which is usually what we search for. We walked 10 miles a day, which is also a thing we enjoy when on vacation. You really get to see a place when you walk in it.  We saw a million sights, and ate WAY TO MUCH food.

Here is my list for the trip (it’s easier than writing about it).

Favorite activity: Walking the Chelsea Highline.  I had wanted to do this ‘no matter what’ and didn’t tell Kelan much about it.  He had no idea walking into it all and was very pleasantly surprised. This an old railroad 3 stories high that is turned into a walk way.  Great views, great landscape and GREAT water towers.

Runner up: Walking Central park and seeing Central station or maybe walking through Brooklyn.  There are so many runner ups.

Favorite neighborhood: I adored Chelsea, but also Williamsburg

Runner up: I’d love to see more of Park Slope, but also Carol Gardens where we stayed was adorable.

Favorite food: There were so many, the donuts? The pizza in Williamsburg? The chai at Joe’s? There were restaurants but I forget the names!!! That one restaurant, on that one street when we walked home?  OMG the bagels?  I had 17 and a half bagels while we were there.

Runner up: The cookie and hot chocolate at city bakery.. holy smokes

Favorite moment: The sunset on the water looking back at the city sky line in Williamsburg.  This was something I had wanted to do but didn’t know how to pull it off. BAM it just happened.

Runner up: People watching on the subway.  Walking around Coney Island in the rain and talking to a fisherman.

I’d like to go back just so I could do more normal things and not see all the sights.  We did the big items, but I feel that we missed out on the small things.  I’d like to see a few museums, go to a concert or a show, get a better feel of the neighborhoods.  All in good time I suppose.  Here is a photo bomb of our trip.

IMG 0867

This was our first ride on the Subway.  I don’t know how any one gets anywhere.  The second I go downstairs I get so confused I have to come up, take a big gulp of air and go back down.  I would not have ended up anywhere I planned if it weren’t for Kelan.

IMG 0882

IMG 0897

IMG 0919

IMG 0964

IMG 0944

The Statue of Liberty. So itty bitty.

IMG 1014

Balthazar! This place was recommended by so many people. I think we missed out because we don’t eat meat.  It was good, but I’d pass next time.

IMG 1050


IMG 1100

Park slope was jaw dropingly adorable

IMG 1118

IMG 1266

IMG 1156

See what I mean? Breathtaking.

IMG 1163

IMG 1189

IMG 1207

This was our subway ride home after some amazing pizza and an amazing day.

IMG 1220

IMG 1351

Everyone was right.  Go to time square, see it and then leave. It’s utter chaos.

IMG 1355

The Cunninghams!  This is my Dad’s best friend’s son. AKA: amazing tour guide.

IMG 1448

IMG 1449

IMG 1458

IMG 1479

IMG 1480

IMG 1549

water tower

IMG 1564

You can see Kelan, way on the other side, below the christmas wreath on the right, with his arms up.

IMG 1581

IMG 1596

water towers

IMG 1646

IMG 1683\

Chelsea Market was adorable but also, way too crowded.

IMG 1724

Just go here and thank me later.

IMG 1749

IMG 1754

This is our album cover.

IMG 1795

New York.  You and your water towers are dreamy.  We will hurry back now ok?



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