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Wow, this is long over due.  Here I was looking for the post I did on camping back in July.  Turns out, I didn’t post one.  To summarize, my mom came up to visit for my birthday which was just perfect.  We had a Thursday all to ourselves, walked all over the city, Mission Beach Cafe in the morning for breakfast (NO LINE!!) then we meandered down Valencia, stopped at Tartine, because there was NO LINE!! we picked up some bread pudding and this meringue thing I love so much, we walked past birite, searching for a pie needed for the family camping trip, no luck.  This brought us right past bi-rite ice cream though, and since it was my birthday I was all, who cares if we just had brunch and have bread pudding in a doggy bag we are getting ice cream yo, because again NO LINE!!.  So we walked up to the top of Dolores park, for the view.  We talked about this and that, pondering on where we would end up next when all of a sudden I said RUN, bc the J came and I knew our legs were tired and there was a pie shop with our name on it.  My mom, so proud of her, didn’t even hesitate just ran right with me.  Turns out the pie shop had the pie we needed. WIN.  After this long adventure we napped before indian food for dinner.  Family came, it was precious.  Then we went home early because we all had to get ready for camping the next day.  Which leads me into part 2, but first, a commercial break.

IMG 7504

these mimosas were huge. Just how we like ’em.

IMG 7506

IMG 7511

these ladies worked at cooks in a restaurant near by, they just happened to be on a lunch break. Loved the scene

IMG 7514

IMG 7517


IMG 7520

Camping was fun.  I can’t do a summary, because a) I lost my phone for 3/8ths of the visit.  I loved camping so much that I thought, eh who needs a phone.  ME, I was the one that said that.  The one who takes one bagillion photos of the same damn leaf.  This spot was so perfect, a big beautiful lake, boats to rent, islands to swim to and on the other side of the highway were pot holes to hike and swim in.  So much fun was had I can’t even get into the details.  Spending time with family while camping is now at the top of my list. Something about allowing everyone to do what they want but all be near by is so comforting.  20 people, including the dog.  There was always a nook where someone was laughing, others were screaming, others were napping.  Pure magic.  I can’t wait to do it all over again.

My cousin Lorin made this rad video.  Damn she is talented.

IMG 7543

note Jackie’s little lion chair

IMG 7551

Jackie fell back, but don’t worry nobody was harmed in the making of this picture.

IMG 7562

IMG 7563

IMG 7584

IMG 7596

IMG 7601

IMG 7613

clothes line + tent = heart eyes

IMG 7701

My canoodle partner <3

Photo Jul 27 2

Photo Jul 27 3

Photo Jul 27 4

we boated over to this private island and we declared it to be called grass island from here on and forever

Photo Jul 27 5

Photo Jul 27 6

Photo Jul 27 7

Photo Jul 27 8

Photo Jul 27

IMG 7621

IMG 7630

How adorable is the committee above.

All the rest of these were taken by Lorin

Silver lake 2014

we didn’t get the whole gang, but this was the only group shot we took.  Note Kelan’s ensemble

Silver lake 2014 2


Silver lake 3

Silverlake 5

Stella and bowie silver lake

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Silverlake 6

hooowww adorable are they?


Tom in waterfall

chillin in a waterfall 🙂

10517706 10204646105811831 7250404221944580149 n



It’s a real sad moment to lose a pet but even more sad to lose a friend.  Ruby was our family dog, but most importantly was my Mom’s dog and she went to live on brighter, muddy, hilly pastures this past weekend.  She was such a good pup, you know, one of the best.  All smiles, never really complained, except in the early years when she was addicted to blankets and she just HAD to have the blanket thrown on top of her when she was snuggling in.  She loved empty peanut butter jars, long walks and hikes, a good roll in the mud, and would eat anything and everything, even bird poop.  She hated the beach, in fact don’t even think about bringing her to the beach, that would just be rude.   Anyways, this was a hard one.  One of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced, but I’d do it a thousand times over if I could relieve my mom of just an ounce of pain.  Sweet mama lost her best friend.  Thats a tear jerker in itself.  Ruby, I hope you are running fast, eating all the peanut butter, laying in the hot warm spots, sleeping on all the couches you were never allowed, and thoroughly enjoying every moment.  You sure are missed.

My aunt and I went down to join my sister and be with mom on this hard weekend.  To be her rock when she needed it and to revel in the beautiful life Ruby had the privilege of leading. Even though we were visiting  on the very sad circumstances, it was one of the best weekends.  We all just sat around with the whole family, talking, napping in each others pretense, drinking margaritas and just hanging out with each other.  No to-do list, no expectations, no plans, just being with each other was all we wanted and it was all we needed. It felt real good to be in that glow of people you love.  I miss everyone so much already, but am glad I got to say goodbye to my friend, and be there in those hard times.


IMG 0025

IMG 0047

IMG 0058

IMG 0063

IMG 0082

IMG 0086

IMG 0095

IMG 0099

IMG 1931

IMG 0568

IMG 4476

IMG 4507

Happy Places

Not last weekend but the one before there was a whole lot happening.  I took a few days off work to squish faces with lots and lots of people.  I was hoping one of those would be Mickey Mouse.  No joke, Cassie and I hit up Disneyland and it was eeepic.  Say it like a surfer, epic man.  It really was.  I have and always will love that happy little place.  How do they do it!?  No really, how do they make everyone so happy? Cassie and I have discussed this in depth.  It’s part music, part, sunny weather, part everything is clean, part nothing is run down, part sparkle, and a whole lot of tinker bell.  Anyways, it was perfect timing for Cassie and I have to a whole day together one on one before she moves to Guatemala.  I am SO oober happy for her and so oober sad to see her move so far away.  I know I know, I will see her just the same amount, but its knowing that she is only an hour flight away that lets me sleep well at night.  I suppose I will sleep better knowing she is a happy lil camper down there in Central America.

After Disneyland I spent sometime with my half brother and sister in law Joel and Brandy.  Geez they are cute.  Plus he is a clone of my other brother Narayan.  It’s sort of a twilight zone situation when you see them together.   We had a little BBQ, mom and I made a blueberry tart, we played guitar, we hit the beach.  All in all it was a weekend for the books.  Which is why its going here.. this is the books if you didn’t already know.  Oh and I saw Emily and Megan who I have not seen in YEARs.  Boy those girls are gorgeous.  Here are way too many photos for proof of a good weekend.

IMG 7232

IMG 7227

IMG 7221

IMG 7218

IMG 7286

IMG 7300

IMG 7338

IMG 7347

IMG 7351



IMG 7363

IMG 7399

IMG 7420

IMG 7405

IMG 7433

IMG 7440

IMG 7450

IMG 7460

IMG 7467

IMG 7485

IMG 7480


Austin you funky little thing you

After 6 trips to the airport, more chips and salsa a person should be legally allowed to eat and eating breakfast way past 1pm every day, I think we can say I’ve marked Austin off my bucket list.  I do however, need to go back and see those bats!  Let’s not talk about the bats.  It just upsets me that we missed them and their crazy little faces.  Moving on ok?  So I loved austin, but it was quite confusing.  On one hand it’s Texas where people can be very conservative and biblical.  Yet, on the other hand it’s Austin where people are very liberal and funky.  The mesh of the two left me wondering where I fit in.  I think I fit in on the funky side, near the SOCO district.  Which is where we walked up and down taking pictures and muttering around the stores.  It was exactly what I wanted out of the trip to Austin, a hot stroll along a different town and to see some funky people and places.  We ate at Bouldin Creek Cafe which was a vegan restaurant that also had eggs.  We went there for breakfast at 2pm and were thoroughly stuffed and happy.

A few things I was not expecting:

– How many chips and salsa I would eat.  I swear I consumed about 14,000 chips.  It was probably a really bad idea to eat Chiliquiles and chips and salsa the DAY before, AND chips on the plane TO Austin.  It’s like I was building up my chips and salsa tolerance.

– I hardly heard any live music.  whatsupwiththat?

– 6th Street.. no.  It was worth seeing yes, not worth going back to at midnight on graduation weekend.  They close the street off and let drunk college kids wander around bumping into people.  It was debauchery and I am too old to be stepping in throw up while wearing flip flops at 2am

– Austin is so clean.  After the mess of 6th street each night, it was sparkling clean the next day.  We even saw two works scarping gum off the sidewalk!

-Texans are rule followers, or rule breakers I am not sure.  Either way they love their rules.  I swear, my family and I were yelled at about rules more on this trip than any other place.  We got yelled at for 10 min to finish our drinks, got yelled at for holding onto glasses when the party was winding down, for double parking in the wrong area…  aiy.

IMG 6304

IMG 6324

IMG 6327

IMG 6499


After all the shenanigans we really came to see my niece Kyndra and her husband get married and to reunite with my long lost family.  I was so excited to thoroughly squeeze my family.  When I say squeeze my family I not only mean squeeze my brother and sisters who I have not seen since January, but I also mean squeezing my brother, sister in law and nieces who I have not seen in oh I don’t know 10 year!  Folks 10 years is a looong time and these squeezes and hugs have been building up.  Boy was it good to hug them.  It was like reattaching a part of me that I didn’t even know was missing.  I knew I had missed them, especially after connecting more through instagram and Facebook, but I didn’t realize how much good stuff I was missing all this time.  My brother was just as sweet, and gentle as I remembered, my sister in law was just as sassy and fun as I remembered and my nieces, well they were nothing like I remembered!  They grew up into these beautiful women that were sweet, and loving.   The warmth and welcome they showed us when we came to visit them was something I did not expect.

So as you can imagine we talked and talked and talked until the wee hours of the night.  We were invited to the rehearsal dinner where we saw everyone for the first time in too long.  Kelan, who has never met any of them, recognized Joel in an instant, that’s how much Joel looks like my brother Narayan.  We pointed out other similarities and talked about the last time we saw each other.  We caught up on time that should never have been there in the first place.  One night we went to Joel and Brandy’s house and just hung out in the garage (until 3 in the morning!)  like the girls did in all their instagram photos.  We all kept saying “omg I can’t believe we are here with everyone! I can’t believe Narayan and Angie are talking to Joel!!”  It still hasn’t sunk in.

Kyndra and Trevor’s wedding was one of the best I’ve attended.  Their entire celebration oozed who they were and their love for each other.  The barn, dirt road, gravel, wood chairs, wispy trees, vintage cars, flowing dresses, and eclectic guests all summed up such a beautiful night.


Here are a few iPhone pictures to hold you over until I get the good stuff from Kelan and his fancy cam.

IMG 6337

IMG 6346

IMG 6348

IMG 6350

IMG 6367

IMG 6435

IMG 6405

IMG 6427

IMG 6442

IMG 6445

IMG 6446

IMG 6491

How amazing is this red light, garage hang?  The little videos I got are priceless.

IMG 6495

I want to go back I hope so much sooner than later.  Austin, you were good to us and I thank you for that.

IMG 6293

How to do Smores the right way

Catching up over here and reporting on my trip back home from last month.  K and I went back to Southern California to celebrate Christmas since I didn’t get to see my brother and sister over the holidays.  We stayed at my brothers house in the daisy bed and loved it.  It allowed me to sneak into my nieces’ bedrooms in the morning and watch them read books and catch up on the haps.  Apparently Minecraft is a thing and there are creepers and zombies and spiders.  So thats cool.  Anyways, I took far too few pictures, but thoroughly enjoyed our time.  We had a bon fire at the beach, a few jam sessions, had amazing pasta salad and made devilish smores.  My friend Cassandra brought Andies mints and Reeces pieces to use as the chocolate portion of the smores debut.  HOLY MOLY they were as good as you can imagine.  Here is the Recipe

Graham Cracks (2 squares) obvs

Chocolate ( Reeces or Andies Mints.. I prefer the mint bc what really is better than mint chocolate? NOTHING)

Two Marshmallows.  Ok this is important people!  TWO marshmallows.  The consistency is NOT right unless you have two.

Place your graham cracker on the edge of the fire pit.  I know kinda gross, but just don’t think about it.  You are at a bon fire and have more germs on you that you even know.  Put your chocolate choice on the graham cracker and let the fire melt your chocolate a bit.  Then add two marshmallows to your stick and sloooowwwllllyyy roast your marshmallows.  When I say slow I mean sloooooow.  Then when they are nice and droopy, to the point you think you are about to lose your marbles over waiting 5 minutes to roast a marshmallow only to let it fall in the fire, set that mo fo on fire and then blow it out, slam it down, smack the other graham cracker on top, smoosh it around and BAM best damn smore you have EVER had.    I have pictures to prove this creation, but they are stuck on Kelan’s camera.. and we all know if we wait for his camera then we will not have a blog post for a while.. so lets just pretend k?

IMG 5460

IMG 5462

This lady wouldn’t let me take any real photos of her.


IMG 5471

How gorgeous is Cassandra

IMG 5436

The ladies love Bowie

IMG 5486

How cute are these two!?

IMG 5481

IMG 5479

IMG 5488

IMG 5497 

Not the best pic, but I can’t post the amazing video with the music he was playing.. now THAT would be nice.

IMG 5501


IMG 5503


The other side notes we did was:

– Try absinthe, it wasn’t the hardcore real stuff I know, but it was delish and I’d have it again

– Had Monica’s homemade chili.. its really worth noting thats how good it is.

– Had a fabulous dinner at the beach

– Watched Blue Jasmine

– Had breakfast with Cassandra at a cute little cafe

– Celebrated Christmas 🙂

– Drank mimosas out of pretty glasses

– Walked to the bear park and immediately walk back to pack.

Overall a great visit, but always too short.  I will plan another trip home soon.. before May I hope.




Oregon Christmas

I have to wait an entire year for the overly cozy Christmas time and then it goes and just flies on by.  I don’t go out of my way to wish it be Christmas sooner.  I wouldn’t even dare declare it my favorite time of year, but a girl should be allowed to slow the clock a little when things get good.

This Christmas K and I loaded up the car with all of our warm wool socks, interesting bottles of beer to share, extra blankets and all the left over fruit from the veggie box to treck the 10 hour drive to my Gramma’s house.  I know 10 hours is sorta crazy talk, but we decided it would be an adventure.  An adventure that would lead us to some fruitful sights if not only to our quant little A-frame.  My adventure is probably not necessarily inline with most others; because my adventure this go around was all about counting the number of hawks we passed.  It’s a lot harder than it sounds ok.  It takes some will power to really scan the tops of the trees and fence posts.  We counted 44, a proud 44.  My goal had been 40 back when I had only counted 6 in the second hour and was doubting the whole darn count.

The rest of the trip went off and frolicked before my eyes.  It was full of irish coffees, cold foggy beaches, sandy dunes, warm family and more irish coffees.  There was even a point where I went to meet the committee downtown, I couldn’t get in touch with any of them so I stalked my mom through the ‘find my friends’ app to a bar.  There they were with an irish coffee in hand practically toasting to the moment when I walked up.  Needless to say I had an irish coffee in my hand only minutes later.  Here are some pictures to fill in the gaps.

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 001

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 003

How amazing are my Gramma’s socks!

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 006

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 013

There wouldn’t be a holiday without mexican train.

IMG 5003

IMG 5013

IMG 5014


IMG 5045

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 017

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 018 copy

There needs to be a whole post about this A-frame.  Can we just move in already!?

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 041

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 052

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 059

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 094

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 095

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 097

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 121

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 136

IMG 5036

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 140

See Irish coffee 😉

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 154

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 184

This hobbit trail was breath taking.

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 189

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 193

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 194

See what I mean about breathtaking?

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 207

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 220

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 223

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 226

IMG 5126IMG 5127

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 244

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 247

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 249

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 250

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 270

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 274

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 286

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 292IMG 5141


IMG 5078

My cousin did a little photo shoot of K and I playing around on the beach.  These sure are pretty huh?  I think she is an amazing photographer already!

IMG 5096

IMG 5123

IMG 5128

IMG 5142


K and I hit the 5 year marker.  I know big deal huh?  Big enough of a deal that it needs it’s own post.  A post to hopefully trail along this one.  I promise it will be worth the wait.  I’ll even promise pictures of goats, deer and probably some more smooching.