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Prickly pears

Prickly pear.  Thats a one of my favorite words … or things?  I have never tasted one so I can’t say its my favorite thing, but definitely when you are feeling down try saying prickly pear with a furrowed brow.  impossible. Its IS one of my favorite things to see and I do get pretty giddy about that.  At my mom’s house on the walk to the downtown you have to walk by this old nursery and on the back side of it there is this huge mesh of cactus and prickly pear.  This happens to be right before the petting zoo, so you can imagine its a pretty good walk.  Anyways, I’ve been working on a card with a cactus so I feel like I have been really in tune with cactus images.  It’s what I call buying a car theory. When you buy a new car, you buy this car you hadn’t really thought of much, but then all of sudden you see that car EVERYWHERE.  Where was this car before, how come this car is everywhere now huh?  This theory can be applied to pretty much anything.  Once a subject is brought to your mind you see it anywhere.  I also think this applies to people.  You meet someone at a party, then you start to see them everywhere, but before then did you see them everywhere? Were they just another face of the masses?  Or now that you have met you two are in this rubber band of seeing each other.  Anyways, thats what’s happening over here with cactus, cacti, succulents and all things desert like.  So I went and got it out of my system a little.  I’ll post the final product and the source of all this cacti madness when its over.  Hopefully within the next month.

Watercolor cactus

Watercolor book

Cactus drawings

Oh Baby!

Babies!  I think it has come to that point in my life where we move from everyone getting married, to everyone having babies.  I’m not complaining.  Chubby cheeks are a thing that I like to swoon over.  My sweet friend Kate is expecting in October and since I am sadly missing her baby shower next weekend, I went and delivered her gift and card.  I really couldn’t wrap my head around the whole baby card thing.  I don’t have enough experience in it and find the balance between too cute and too serious daunting.  So I went simple with watercolor lettering.  I was inspired by this post and thought I’d try it out.  It was not as water-colorey as I had hoped, but I was happy with the end result.  Even though I sadly forgot to take a picture of the final product.  Here are some in process to hold you over.

I hope to incorporate more water color in cards.  A mix of home-made with clean lettering is my goal.  We shall see if it pans out.

DSC 0228


DSC 0230

Happy new baby Kate and Chris!!

little and often

This is what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  It’s not the one-offs that make change happen. It’s not the chance encounters that always bring us what we want.  It’s taking the small baby steps towards something bigger that make you look back and realize it has changed for better or for worse.  I vow to take those baby steps towards something better.  Towards something I am proud.

DSC 0029 copy 3

DSC 0026

Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day feels similar to Valentines Day.  Both are holidays were I get to gush on the ones I love, swoon over flowers and all the ladies dress in up.  I suppose Mother’s day has the upper hand since its wrapped in peonies and tulips though.  Butttt, because I can’t really burry all the moms in my life in flowers I’ll send them the next best thing.  A card!  This year I tried to incorporate lots of color, keep it simple but add the handmade touch I love so much.  Also, I’ve really been into water colors lately so I wanted to squeeze that texture into the holiday somehow. Usually the water colors don’t work on greetings cards given that they make the paper all wonky.  After all, this is mothers day, the day specifically made for wonky handmade cards, so what they hey!


I might have written “mom” a gabillion times with the watercolors before I gave up and used calligraphy instead.  I think it was the right choice, clean letters, on a smudgy background, but I still need to fill the void of those thick watercolored letters.

DSC 0429

DSC 0430

DSC 0431

DSC 0404

DSC 0414

P.s. when I see this photo of my mom practice I think of that family guy episode where Stewie says “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom” so much it drives you nuts.  Here, just go watch it.


Happy Mom’s Day to you!


More Balloons

Because what is better than a big shiny balloon on your birthday?  Hopefully a stamped drawing of one!  I can’t really take all the credit for this balloon, since it was inspired I mean pinspired by an invite on pinterest.   The balloon invite was just the right amount of quirky and informative.  The idea of the entire balloon taking up the whole card while adding color and keeping it simple all at the same time sort of sealed the deal for me. Plus! I love easy lettering.  To start I obviously had to try with gold sparkles, but moving forward it might be fun to play around with the white space more.

IMG 6100

This one went to my Cousin Heather.  30! let me say it again THIRTY!  In the cousin line up if Heather is turning into an official 30 year old adult.. it means I’m next.  Wowza. Heather had a sweet picnic in the park with friends and family.  It was so fun to just lay on a blanket and do nothing!  There was so much good food and good company.  Seriously need to do it more often.


Here is the inspiration.  Don’t you love that white and black?

Balloon invite

Triangle love

So I’ve been slacking hard. But hey that’s life and then we move on.  I made a couple birthday cards back in January for my 79 year old Grampa and dear friend’s mom.  If you can’t tell yet, I’m really into triangles lately.  When I say really into, I mean obsessively k.  So to let some of this triangleness pour of of me I made a little stencil and stamped that bageezus out of it and there you go.  Side note, I actually made the stencil for a little calendar but seeing as how it is now February and it’s still not completed tells me this might turn into a 2015 calendar.  Hey why not be ahead of the game rather than behind. In all honesty though, this calendar has been in my brain since I needed one for 2013.. so at this rate it might be ready for 2017?  Also, further side note, lets just go ahead and put our judgey pants away in the dresser for a minute.  The photo quality of these are below par, and by below I mean real real bad guys.  However, I documented it before I sealed the envelopes which is a big step.  I usually forget to take a picture until I’m at the PO drop box and I kick myself.  Anyways, here are some bad quality iPhone photos of some cards I did a little bit ago.  Cool story.


Colored Geo Bithday 2 Colored Geo Birthday close

Gold Geo Birthday