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It’s a real sad moment to lose a pet but even more sad to lose a friend.  Ruby was our family dog, but most importantly was my Mom’s dog and she went to live on brighter, muddy, hilly pastures this past weekend.  She was such a good pup, you know, one of the best.  All smiles, never really complained, except in the early years when she was addicted to blankets and she just HAD to have the blanket thrown on top of her when she was snuggling in.  She loved empty peanut butter jars, long walks and hikes, a good roll in the mud, and would eat anything and everything, even bird poop.  She hated the beach, in fact don’t even think about bringing her to the beach, that would just be rude.   Anyways, this was a hard one.  One of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced, but I’d do it a thousand times over if I could relieve my mom of just an ounce of pain.  Sweet mama lost her best friend.  Thats a tear jerker in itself.  Ruby, I hope you are running fast, eating all the peanut butter, laying in the hot warm spots, sleeping on all the couches you were never allowed, and thoroughly enjoying every moment.  You sure are missed.

My aunt and I went down to join my sister and be with mom on this hard weekend.  To be her rock when she needed it and to revel in the beautiful life Ruby had the privilege of leading. Even though we were visiting  on the very sad circumstances, it was one of the best weekends.  We all just sat around with the whole family, talking, napping in each others pretense, drinking margaritas and just hanging out with each other.  No to-do list, no expectations, no plans, just being with each other was all we wanted and it was all we needed. It felt real good to be in that glow of people you love.  I miss everyone so much already, but am glad I got to say goodbye to my friend, and be there in those hard times.


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hippie sunday and natural face masks

Feeling rather hippie today.  I’ve rubbed banana peel on my face, then smothered it in honey.  After an hour I washed that off and slipped some coconut oil all over then proceeded to use a netty pot, take a shot of apple cider vinegar and my daily probiotic.  Oh and I made tofu scramble for breakkie.  Get a couple downward dogs in there, order some Birkenstocks and I will have sealed the deal.  All and all I am sorta loving it.  It could be the relaxed Sunday vibes, but I dig this clean feeling. 

I must say I am really starting to swear by this banana peel honey mask thing I have got going on.  I’ve done this about 5 times now and every time I look at my face covered in this clear goop and think, I look hysterical.  Then when I get ready to go out for the day my face is glowing! I get compliments!  ME, the girl with skin problems until I was 25.  The banana apparently helps with blemishes, not sure how, but I do know honey helps reduce puffy redness and heals blemishes.  I use to slather honey on my face, years ago, before my skin cleared up and I was never sure if I saw a difference, maybe I was missing the banana.  Not sure.  All I do is 1) eat a banana, hey its good for you! 2) keep the peel  3) Rub the inside of the peel on any blemishes or all over if you so please 4) then throw that sucker in the compost bin and 5) grab some honey and rub a layer of that over where the banana goop is.  You really can’t see anything on your face except your face is a little shiny.  Note, DO ties your hair back real good because fly aways land on your honey face and its awful.  Also, if you touch your face you will get honey hands and thats, well lets just say sticky.  

My thoughts on the coconut oil: so far it was a nice feeling to put on, smooth like velvet.  I sorta think I put too much on, but I might rub it off before I go out for the day.  It’s my first day so I can’t real say yay or nay just yet.  I’ll keep this post updated. 

Anyways cheers to a happy hippie sunday!  That is enough for one day of rambles. 

Prickly pears

Prickly pear.  Thats a one of my favorite words … or things?  I have never tasted one so I can’t say its my favorite thing, but definitely when you are feeling down try saying prickly pear with a furrowed brow.  impossible. Its IS one of my favorite things to see and I do get pretty giddy about that.  At my mom’s house on the walk to the downtown you have to walk by this old nursery and on the back side of it there is this huge mesh of cactus and prickly pear.  This happens to be right before the petting zoo, so you can imagine its a pretty good walk.  Anyways, I’ve been working on a card with a cactus so I feel like I have been really in tune with cactus images.  It’s what I call buying a car theory. When you buy a new car, you buy this car you hadn’t really thought of much, but then all of sudden you see that car EVERYWHERE.  Where was this car before, how come this car is everywhere now huh?  This theory can be applied to pretty much anything.  Once a subject is brought to your mind you see it anywhere.  I also think this applies to people.  You meet someone at a party, then you start to see them everywhere, but before then did you see them everywhere? Were they just another face of the masses?  Or now that you have met you two are in this rubber band of seeing each other.  Anyways, thats what’s happening over here with cactus, cacti, succulents and all things desert like.  So I went and got it out of my system a little.  I’ll post the final product and the source of all this cacti madness when its over.  Hopefully within the next month.

Watercolor cactus

Watercolor book

Cactus drawings

Oh Baby!

Babies!  I think it has come to that point in my life where we move from everyone getting married, to everyone having babies.  I’m not complaining.  Chubby cheeks are a thing that I like to swoon over.  My sweet friend Kate is expecting in October and since I am sadly missing her baby shower next weekend, I went and delivered her gift and card.  I really couldn’t wrap my head around the whole baby card thing.  I don’t have enough experience in it and find the balance between too cute and too serious daunting.  So I went simple with watercolor lettering.  I was inspired by this post and thought I’d try it out.  It was not as water-colorey as I had hoped, but I was happy with the end result.  Even though I sadly forgot to take a picture of the final product.  Here are some in process to hold you over.

I hope to incorporate more water color in cards.  A mix of home-made with clean lettering is my goal.  We shall see if it pans out.

DSC 0228


DSC 0230

Happy new baby Kate and Chris!!