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Happy Places

Not last weekend but the one before there was a whole lot happening.  I took a few days off work to squish faces with lots and lots of people.  I was hoping one of those would be Mickey Mouse.  No joke, Cassie and I hit up Disneyland and it was eeepic.  Say it like a surfer, epic man.  It really was.  I have and always will love that happy little place.  How do they do it!?  No really, how do they make everyone so happy? Cassie and I have discussed this in depth.  It’s part music, part, sunny weather, part everything is clean, part nothing is run down, part sparkle, and a whole lot of tinker bell.  Anyways, it was perfect timing for Cassie and I have to a whole day together one on one before she moves to Guatemala.  I am SO oober happy for her and so oober sad to see her move so far away.  I know I know, I will see her just the same amount, but its knowing that she is only an hour flight away that lets me sleep well at night.  I suppose I will sleep better knowing she is a happy lil camper down there in Central America.

After Disneyland I spent sometime with my half brother and sister in law Joel and Brandy.  Geez they are cute.  Plus he is a clone of my other brother Narayan.  It’s sort of a twilight zone situation when you see them together.   We had a little BBQ, mom and I made a blueberry tart, we played guitar, we hit the beach.  All in all it was a weekend for the books.  Which is why its going here.. this is the books if you didn’t already know.  Oh and I saw Emily and Megan who I have not seen in YEARs.  Boy those girls are gorgeous.  Here are way too many photos for proof of a good weekend.

IMG 7232

IMG 7227

IMG 7221

IMG 7218

IMG 7286

IMG 7300

IMG 7338

IMG 7347

IMG 7351



IMG 7363

IMG 7399

IMG 7420

IMG 7405

IMG 7433

IMG 7440

IMG 7450

IMG 7460

IMG 7467

IMG 7485

IMG 7480

Flower Crowns

Here it is 4th of July again, my 3rd in this great city of SF.  3rd in which we lazed about and kept it pretty low key.  Its a hard one for me to grasp.  On one hand my whole childhood is called and saying, “hullo, the beach is where its at, hot, sandy, salty water and all that watermelon.”  On the other hand, the beaches here are .. meh, foggy or “fogsey” as Kelan said it earlier.  So, we laze about and enjoy the empty city.  You know, take advantage of no line at brunch, no crowd on the street.  Tomorrow we will brunch it up in hopes that the normal hour wait is down to 15 min.   Hot dogs, corn on the cob and a big ol’ pile of green beans are whats on the menu.

Soooo, since I don’t have any pictures of our cub-razy 4th.  I will flood you with our trip to SB a couple weekends ago.  We went, and discovered it was the Solstice festival, which was pretty rad since I’ve never had the chance to go.  Kelan and I left late Sunday, shared the drive as the other lazed and dozed about.  We ate our backyard bowls on the squirrel stairs, wore flower crowns, drank large amounts of beer, laughed our butts off, ate my favorite thai, watched Maleficent and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

IMG 6947

IMG 6959

IMG 6956

IMG 6983

IMG 6988

IMG 6989

DSC 0081

I had confetti in my hair for three days.  I’m pretty sure there was confetti in my hair when I went to work on Monday.

DSC 0131

Doesn’t he look adorbs?

IMG 6997

IMG 7019

On the drive home we found what I call Pelican city, which is my new favorite stop alongside the 101.  It’s pretty much home to a gabillion pelicans.  They fly in and nussle in next to all their little friends.

IMG 7038

IMG 7044

Lesson learned. Eat it all up then and there.

Today should be Friday but sadly it’s Thursday which makes this week feel like the longest week of my life. Drag on much June 12th? Last night I met Kelan and his work friend at the new greek place on Hayes. I’d been wanting to try it but not really interested in the lines that go along with it. This time it worked out. Here is the trick. Show up at 9:59 (they close at 10) and order as quickly as you can. It’s not hard because they really only have four things served two ways. Ok so that’s eight things I get it. What I discovered as I waited patiently for my salad wrap thingy is their yogurt machine. “Greek frozen yogurt??” Kelan said. Yes yes it was a greek frozen yogurt machine. Practically falling off my chair I asked the greek frozen yogurt lady the details of the masterpiece she was currently making. Get this ‘Baklava with frozen greek yogurt on top’. Are you freaking kidding me! A. Why is this the first I’m hearing of it? B. Why has this not been invented sooner? Maybe it has and I just need to go to Greece to discover their ingenuity? Probably. C. How many can one person have? Well sad story short I saved this scintillating adventure for another time. You know save the good stuff up until you just can’t handle it anymore. It was a hard walk home. I was doubting this decision as soon as I made it. Even after I had forgotten about the whole encounter I jumped into bed and it struck me. Why. Why did I not eat it all up right then right there?

little and often

This is what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  It’s not the one-offs that make change happen. It’s not the chance encounters that always bring us what we want.  It’s taking the small baby steps towards something bigger that make you look back and realize it has changed for better or for worse.  I vow to take those baby steps towards something better.  Towards something I am proud.

DSC 0029 copy 3

DSC 0026

Girl’s Weekend

It’s June which usually means it is time for my annual trip to Santa Barbara. This is a tradition I wasn’t even aware that I had.  The other night, the night before take off for SB I thought to my self “what was I doing a year ago this week” you know because you can do that with instagram.  So I scrolled and scrolled and to my surprise I was in Santa Barbara a year ago this week.  Then I went two years back, same thing (plus or minus one week) then three years back same thing!  Four years back doesn’t exist on my instagram, but I can bet you that I was in SB.  Every year at this time I must get the unrelenting urge to bake my body in the sun, roam around the spanish style architecture and squeeze all my favorite pretty faces.  So we went, Amanda, Harlow and I strapped the bags to the car, our leashes to the seat belts and whizzed down California.


Boy was it the right decision.  I won’t lie, we both wondered if we had the time, or if we were up for the total 10 hours of driving. #worthit should have been the motto because everything we did felt like that.  Worth it.  We went to my favorite breakfast spot Back Yard Bowls.  Met another Amanda and another min pin, we visited Stina and delivered her bowl.  Then on up to the mountains we headed before going to the beach.  Along the way we found an estate sale.  I don’t even want to get into the house I mean estate it was where I should live and have 20 babies and make Jam.  Seriously, you have to have 20 babies to live in that estate because there were about 20 bedrooms, maybe more.  After scoring a couple finds, one which Kelan now calls the navaho blanket and a rickety-too-tall coffee table we scurried halfway up the mountain, took some pics and ran straight to Santa Clause lane.  From there we proceeded to nap, swim, and nap some more.  I forgot how much I love swimming in the ocean.

Later that night we had dinner with my friends and laughed our butts off.  The weekend was a blast and I am so happy to report that I am headed back that way in a couple with with Kelan.   Here are some pics to prove how divinely perfect the weekend was.

IMG 6694

IMG 6588

IMG 6573

IMG 6638

we found so much inspiration at this church in Montecito.  I’d driven past it a million times but never had the gust to pull over and roam through.  This is now on my top 5 places to see when visiting SB.

IMG 6636

IMG 6630

IMG 6603

IMG 6656

IMG 6677


IMG 6739

IMG 6744


After this trip I was feeling inspired, full and ready to tackle the world.  A few blows here and there and now I am back to doubting it all over again.  What happened.  Where did the “I can do anything” go?  I suppose it’s time I put my money where my mouth is and start ACTING on what my goals are.  Stop wasting the moments that slip past so easily, start really working towards the life I want.  I see it so clearly in my head, yet when I go to act and make a first step I seem to make a wrong turn or sprain my ankle.  If I want the end result i have to be willing to work towards it, day and night relentlessly.  There should be no other option, because in my head thats how it feels.  Like there is no other choice.  I can’t go back and change my major, or make different decisions, heck even if I did maybe I wouldn’t have found this gut feeling.  No more shoulds and coulds and whole bunch more “yes lets get em!”


Austin you funky little thing you

After 6 trips to the airport, more chips and salsa a person should be legally allowed to eat and eating breakfast way past 1pm every day, I think we can say I’ve marked Austin off my bucket list.  I do however, need to go back and see those bats!  Let’s not talk about the bats.  It just upsets me that we missed them and their crazy little faces.  Moving on ok?  So I loved austin, but it was quite confusing.  On one hand it’s Texas where people can be very conservative and biblical.  Yet, on the other hand it’s Austin where people are very liberal and funky.  The mesh of the two left me wondering where I fit in.  I think I fit in on the funky side, near the SOCO district.  Which is where we walked up and down taking pictures and muttering around the stores.  It was exactly what I wanted out of the trip to Austin, a hot stroll along a different town and to see some funky people and places.  We ate at Bouldin Creek Cafe which was a vegan restaurant that also had eggs.  We went there for breakfast at 2pm and were thoroughly stuffed and happy.

A few things I was not expecting:

– How many chips and salsa I would eat.  I swear I consumed about 14,000 chips.  It was probably a really bad idea to eat Chiliquiles and chips and salsa the DAY before, AND chips on the plane TO Austin.  It’s like I was building up my chips and salsa tolerance.

– I hardly heard any live music.  whatsupwiththat?

– 6th Street.. no.  It was worth seeing yes, not worth going back to at midnight on graduation weekend.  They close the street off and let drunk college kids wander around bumping into people.  It was debauchery and I am too old to be stepping in throw up while wearing flip flops at 2am

– Austin is so clean.  After the mess of 6th street each night, it was sparkling clean the next day.  We even saw two works scarping gum off the sidewalk!

-Texans are rule followers, or rule breakers I am not sure.  Either way they love their rules.  I swear, my family and I were yelled at about rules more on this trip than any other place.  We got yelled at for 10 min to finish our drinks, got yelled at for holding onto glasses when the party was winding down, for double parking in the wrong area…  aiy.

IMG 6304

IMG 6324

IMG 6327

IMG 6499


After all the shenanigans we really came to see my niece Kyndra and her husband get married and to reunite with my long lost family.  I was so excited to thoroughly squeeze my family.  When I say squeeze my family I not only mean squeeze my brother and sisters who I have not seen since January, but I also mean squeezing my brother, sister in law and nieces who I have not seen in oh I don’t know 10 year!  Folks 10 years is a looong time and these squeezes and hugs have been building up.  Boy was it good to hug them.  It was like reattaching a part of me that I didn’t even know was missing.  I knew I had missed them, especially after connecting more through instagram and Facebook, but I didn’t realize how much good stuff I was missing all this time.  My brother was just as sweet, and gentle as I remembered, my sister in law was just as sassy and fun as I remembered and my nieces, well they were nothing like I remembered!  They grew up into these beautiful women that were sweet, and loving.   The warmth and welcome they showed us when we came to visit them was something I did not expect.

So as you can imagine we talked and talked and talked until the wee hours of the night.  We were invited to the rehearsal dinner where we saw everyone for the first time in too long.  Kelan, who has never met any of them, recognized Joel in an instant, that’s how much Joel looks like my brother Narayan.  We pointed out other similarities and talked about the last time we saw each other.  We caught up on time that should never have been there in the first place.  One night we went to Joel and Brandy’s house and just hung out in the garage (until 3 in the morning!)  like the girls did in all their instagram photos.  We all kept saying “omg I can’t believe we are here with everyone! I can’t believe Narayan and Angie are talking to Joel!!”  It still hasn’t sunk in.

Kyndra and Trevor’s wedding was one of the best I’ve attended.  Their entire celebration oozed who they were and their love for each other.  The barn, dirt road, gravel, wood chairs, wispy trees, vintage cars, flowing dresses, and eclectic guests all summed up such a beautiful night.


Here are a few iPhone pictures to hold you over until I get the good stuff from Kelan and his fancy cam.

IMG 6337

IMG 6346

IMG 6348

IMG 6350

IMG 6367

IMG 6435

IMG 6405

IMG 6427

IMG 6442

IMG 6445

IMG 6446

IMG 6491

How amazing is this red light, garage hang?  The little videos I got are priceless.

IMG 6495

I want to go back I hope so much sooner than later.  Austin, you were good to us and I thank you for that.

IMG 6293