Triangle love

So I’ve been slacking hard. But hey that’s life and then we move on.  I made a couple birthday cards back in January for my 79 year old Grampa and dear friend’s mom.  If you can’t tell yet, I’m really into triangles lately.  When I say really into, I mean obsessively k.  So to let some of this triangleness pour of of me I made a little stencil and stamped that bageezus out of it and there you go.  Side note, I actually made the stencil for a little calendar but seeing as how it is now February and it’s still not completed tells me this might turn into a 2015 calendar.  Hey why not be ahead of the game rather than behind. In all honesty though, this calendar has been in my brain since I needed one for 2013.. so at this rate it might be ready for 2017?  Also, further side note, lets just go ahead and put our judgey pants away in the dresser for a minute.  The photo quality of these are below par, and by below I mean real real bad guys.  However, I documented it before I sealed the envelopes which is a big step.  I usually forget to take a picture until I’m at the PO drop box and I kick myself.  Anyways, here are some bad quality iPhone photos of some cards I did a little bit ago.  Cool story.


Colored Geo Bithday 2 Colored Geo Birthday close

Gold Geo Birthday

Oregon Christmas

I have to wait an entire year for the overly cozy Christmas time and then it goes and just flies on by.  I don’t go out of my way to wish it be Christmas sooner.  I wouldn’t even dare declare it my favorite time of year, but a girl should be allowed to slow the clock a little when things get good.

This Christmas K and I loaded up the car with all of our warm wool socks, interesting bottles of beer to share, extra blankets and all the left over fruit from the veggie box to treck the 10 hour drive to my Gramma’s house.  I know 10 hours is sorta crazy talk, but we decided it would be an adventure.  An adventure that would lead us to some fruitful sights if not only to our quant little A-frame.  My adventure is probably not necessarily inline with most others; because my adventure this go around was all about counting the number of hawks we passed.  It’s a lot harder than it sounds ok.  It takes some will power to really scan the tops of the trees and fence posts.  We counted 44, a proud 44.  My goal had been 40 back when I had only counted 6 in the second hour and was doubting the whole darn count.

The rest of the trip went off and frolicked before my eyes.  It was full of irish coffees, cold foggy beaches, sandy dunes, warm family and more irish coffees.  There was even a point where I went to meet the committee downtown, I couldn’t get in touch with any of them so I stalked my mom through the ‘find my friends’ app to a bar.  There they were with an irish coffee in hand practically toasting to the moment when I walked up.  Needless to say I had an irish coffee in my hand only minutes later.  Here are some pictures to fill in the gaps.

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 001

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 003

How amazing are my Gramma’s socks!

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 006

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 013

There wouldn’t be a holiday without mexican train.

IMG 5003

IMG 5013

IMG 5014


IMG 5045

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 017

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 018 copy

There needs to be a whole post about this A-frame.  Can we just move in already!?

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 041

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 052

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 059

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 094

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 095

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 097

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 121

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 136

IMG 5036

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 140

See Irish coffee 😉

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 154

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 184

This hobbit trail was breath taking.

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 189

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 193

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 194

See what I mean about breathtaking?

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 207

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 220

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 223

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 226

IMG 5126IMG 5127

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 244

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 247

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 249

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 250

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 270

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 274

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 286

Oregon Christmas trip 2013 292IMG 5141


IMG 5078

My cousin did a little photo shoot of K and I playing around on the beach.  These sure are pretty huh?  I think she is an amazing photographer already!

IMG 5096

IMG 5123

IMG 5128

IMG 5142


K and I hit the 5 year marker.  I know big deal huh?  Big enough of a deal that it needs it’s own post.  A post to hopefully trail along this one.  I promise it will be worth the wait.  I’ll even promise pictures of goats, deer and probably some more smooching.


Glittery Gold Gift Tags

The other night I was devouring my pinterest feed with all of its holiday glory when I got the bright idea to make some of my own glittery sparkly gold gift tags.  And why not put them up on the shop I said!! They turned out to be harder than I thought AND easier if that’s possible? After measuring and remeasuring I got them to just the right size and just the right amount of gold glitter (which p.s. is never too much).   I made a few gold dipped tags and then went off and made a few gold evergreen sprigs to keep it in the season and all.

I used a thick card stock, hole punch and gold embossing powder.  I’ll try and remember to do a how-to edition on the next round.

I’m looking forward to my little pile of presents with these babies on them.Gift tags 008

Gift tags 003

Gift tags 010

Gift tags 020

Gift tags 019

Gift tags 025

More Jumbo Balloons

We are flowing strong over here on the big balloon front.  Right when I thought I’d hit my max on balloon prints.  Except, I’m sorta liking the directions these balloons are floating. Something about the jumbo round balloon throws off the whole thing and makes it feel new again.  Some tweaks will be made but overall I’m pretty  keen on it.

These two goodies were for my aunt and a cousin.  I was actually able to celebrate with them and scarf down some homemade apple pie and play with two squirrelly little boys. A happy sunday it was.

Here are the workings of a post costco creative spurt.

DSC 0002

DSC 0003

DSC 0006

I know I know this one was a redo.. but I’m thinking the more is less applies here too. So that makes it relevant.  Given that its the same weekend and everything.

DSC 0004

DSC 0005

DSC 0009

don’t pay attention to the messy hair.. post costco ok ..

Gold Feathers

I can’t help it.  I’m just drawn to it.  I had to add more gold to the collection of paper goods I fiddle over.  I’ve got the gold markers, pens, glitter, ink and by golly its all my little gold filled heart has ever needed.  I should be a pen tester and rate them on their reflection and density.  Let’s save that for a another time though. Now, if I could only get each gold glittery utensil to just match each other I would have the home run of all home runs.  But thats not how it works.  There are just too many shades of this glorious color.  And for now I will just have to keep my golds on separate sides of their so very close quarters.

This particular gold goodie came about for the need of a thank you card and a little bit for the love of feathers and a little bit from the love of gold feathers.  First off, I find thank you cards really daunting.  They need more constraints I tell you!  What do you mean I can put anything on that little bugger!?  I usually get carried away with excitement and try to put all the elements atop the cover with the theory that, the more I put on top of that card the more thankfulness will show through.  Unfortunately this is hardly ever the case.  So with a time constraint and the words “less is more!”  running through my head .. gold feathers were born.  I’ll find those constraints wherever they are hiding.

IMG 4418

IMG 4425

IMG 4433


Birthday & Wedding love

Balloons have become a staple around my printing.  I finally whittled a large round balloon stamp that gave off so much color I almost squealed. I added an embossed gold lettering on top to seal the deal.  Things are really taking shape around here.

IMG 4297

IMG 4302


IMG 4300 2

Plus a new Whaley with a pink hat.

Afterwards I got around to some calligraphy on a wedding card for some dear friends.  Boy! Names are hard guys.  Especially letters I don’t always practice.  I mean, I have ‘Happy Birthday’ down pretty well.  So I practiced about a gabillion times and finally got the nerve up to put it on the card stock.  I wasn’t 100% happy but it was decent enough to send off to the happy couple.

IMG 4303

This gold sprig at the bottom needs to be noted.  This gold sprig is MUCH harder than it looks.  The geometry class I hated in school was lurking at me as I tried getting my angles juuust right.  I was wishing I’d kept that protractor after all. In the end, I was happy that the final gold sprig turned out a little better than my practiced versions.

IMG 4308 2